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Project Distribution Data

Crop Wild Relative Global Atlas (Distribution Data Map)

Considering that the CWR Project made extensive progress toward collecting and conserving the identified priority CWR over its decade-long duration, we are updating this tool to reflect the current status of these priority species based on a recent re-evaluation of the original gap analysis. 

We thank you kindly for your patience as we make this extensive update to the tool. 

In the meantime, you can read about our progress toward addressing priority gaps as well as articles published on the original findings of the gap analysis and information about its methodology. 

You can also search and download occurrence data on CWR from the “Global Database for the Distributions of Crop Wild Relatives”, which was originally developed through the CWR Project using data from over 100 partners; the database continues to be updated with the latest occurrence data. 

For regular updates on the work of the Crop Trust and its partners, check out the Crop Diversity Digest news hub and sign-up for our regular agrobiodiversity news round-up, The Dish.

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